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It’s no secret that a few years back, HubSpot coined the term“smarketing” to  describe the alignment of sales and marketing. For any organization its success hinges on marketing and sales not fighting like cats and dogs. But what tools and methodologies do you need to ensure your team is speaking the same language?

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Listen in as HubSpot’s CRO Mark Roberge and PandaDoc’s CEO Mikita Mikado, discuss the new sales methods and the right marketing content your organization needs to form true “smarketing” alignment.

You will also learn:

  • How “smarketing” works
  • Which parts of the sales process could and should be handled by marketing
  • How marketing can contribute to sales without disrupting their process 
  • How to create shared agreements between each team to ensure you are hitting your goals

Please note: there was no presentation with this webinar, therefore the video will display a blank screen and you will only hear audio.