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Justin McGill
Founder & CEO - LeadFuze
Kevin Ramani
Head of Sales - 


Jared Fuller
VP of Partnerships - PandaDoc 

Optimize your B2B Funnel with Sales Enablement

Learn how to close more deals faster with an integrated B2B sales funnel

Occurred: Wednesday, July 20th at 10 am PT/1 pm ET


 Building an effective sales process is tough. Sales enablement technology is constantly changing and you’re always updating your process (hopefully for the better!).

How can you improve your B2B sales process?

Top-notch sales teams are always looking for new ways to save time and close more deals. By integrating sales enablement technology and industry best practices sales leaders and sales reps have more tools than ever to optimize their sales stack and build a metrics-driven B2B funnel.

Hear strategies from behind the scenes at some of the fastest-growing teams in sales enablement and learn what their most successful customers are doing to drive growth.

What is a sales stack? How can you leverage insider tips to build a sales process that works?

Watch and you'll learn:

  • What sales enablement is and how it helps you build an effective sales process
  • How to generate leads and qualify cold prospects with outbound email
  • Why the CRM matters and how it can help you to build a ‘book of truth’
  • How to close deals with content and measure conversions



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